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Lithography Process

Drawing for "Seduction", Early 18th Century Frock Coat.


This is me drawing the Lily image for "Seduction", an Early 18th Century Frock Coat that was inspired by the film "Valmont". I am drawing with Koh-i-Nor opaque ink directly onto the Mylar using a fine-nib calligraphy pen. The image was then exposed to a photo-positive, ball-grained aluminium lithography plate. I then printed the image onto 100% Silk Dupione. In order to have symmetrical, "mirror image" for the front of the Frock Coat, I flipped the drawing and exposed it to a second photo-positive litho plate. I printed each plate onto a single piece of 100% Silk Dupione. I added more image to this Mylar in order to create the plates for the two back panels of the Frock Coat, the sleeves, cuffs and the back pleat.

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