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Terms and Conditions

All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in Canadian dollars.
Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Taxes (PST) apply to all sales.
If you are a customer whose credit card is not denominated in Canadian dollars, then the final price will be calculated in accordance with the applicable exchange rate on the day your card issuer processes the transaction.
Prices are set by Lindsay Embree Artist
Lindsay Embree Artist reserves the right to change pricing, as necessary.
Marked-down items are final sale.

All items are available unless otherwise stated. Items in your shopping cart are not reserved. They are available to other customers until your payment transaction is finalized. 
Items can appear slightly different from photographs on the website and colour can appear slightly different from these photographs.

Confirmation of purchase will be sent via email as soon as the transaction is finalized.

Once an item is listed as being “Out of Stock” then the item is no longer available.

Payment can be made through PayPal and Square Point of Sale

Items will be shipped via Canada Post (unless otherwise stated).
Every attempt is made to ensure all items are packaged properly so that they arrive at their destination in the same condition in which they leave my studio. Lindsay Embree Artists will not be held accountable for any mishandling and any resulting damage of items by the postal system, or other carrier service once the items have been shipped.

The item(s) you purchase will be sent to the Shipping Address you give. Please ensure your

Shipping Address details are accurate.

The item(s) you purchase will be sent to the shipping address you give. Please ensure your address details are accurate

Please note that there may be additional customs charges on international shipments.

Information regarding framing and placement of Original Prints can be found in the Additional Information sections for each print on Lindsay Embree Artist website. Lindsay Embree Artist is not responsible for changes made to products after they have been received by the customer, for example issues arising from framing, placement or decorating. 

Information regarding the care of naturally dyed silk and wool can be found in the Additional Information section for each scarf on Lindsay Embree Artist website.

Lindsay Embree Artist retains all copyrights on images. Copyrights are not transferable with sale.

All Original Prints by Lindsay Embree Artist are original works of art conceived of and created within a printmaking medium such as Lithography, Intaglio/Etching, Silk Screen and Relief Printmaking. All Original Prints by Lindsay Embree Artist are created using one or a combination of these printmaking methods. These works of art do not exist in their entirety in another medium such as painting, drawing or as digital art such as “gicle prints”.

Original Prints are generally created in Editions and are numbered according to the accepted printmaking numbering system, for example 1/10 – 10/10. The number has no relationship to the quality of the piece, it is simply a method of tracking how many prints are in an Edition.

Each print is inspected by Lindsay Embree Artist for quality and consistency in printing. Any image that does not pass inspection, for example if it is either too dark or too light, or the image became misregistered during printing, then that print does not become part of the Edition. Lindsay Embree Artist reserves the right to keep all original prints that are not part of an Edition available for personal creative use in other works of art.

Artist Proofs: are prints that are equal in quality to the prints in the Edition. Artists Proofs remain the property of the artist while the Edition is generally given to a gallery to sell on behalf of the artist. Artists Proofs can also remain in the possession of the artist and can be sold by the artist or occasionally given as gifts.

Studio Proof(s): remain in the possession of the studio where the print was created and editioned. In cases where the print is editioned by the artist in the artists personal studio, then the artist possesses the Studio Proof(s).

Printers Proof: Lindsay Embree Artist is the printer of the editions and therefore maintains possession of any designated Printers Proofs.

Lindsay Embree Artist reserves the right to posses and/or sell, all Artists Proofs, Studio Proofs, Printers Proofs, any Bon á Tirer prints, and all prints in each Edition.

All my scarves are naturally dyed and are therefore subject to many variables. The same plant materials gathered and used at different times of the year can produce different results. Even water can affect the outcome of a dye session.  Some colours will be tenacious while others more transient. Usage, care, and time will affect the longevity of certain colours and not others; this is simply the natural of natural dyes. Some variables can be controlled to a limited extent, but I have learned that it is virtually impossible to duplicate a scarf exactly. This is what makes each scarf unique.

For convenience scarf sizes are listed according to their sizes prior to dyeing. Due to the nature of the dye process, there will often be variations in the final sizes of the scarves. The Eco-dye process can cause the hems of scarves to look creased, crimped, or pressed. This is a natural result of the process.

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