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All my original prints are concieved of and created within a particular printmaking process such as Lithography (either stone and/or ball-grained aluminium plates), Intaglio, Silk Screen, Relief Printmaking, or a combination of these four processes. Some editions also contain handwork Prisma colour conte sticks and/or water colour), and collage elements.


Hand printed colour Etching; Colour Run #1: Reddish-Brown litho ink; Colour Run #2: transparent Milori Blue etching ink. (the same plate is inked in the second colour, re-registered to the first colour and run through the press again)
Paper: Arches 100% cotton rag paper
Paper Size: 22.5 x 17.5 cm; 8 3/4" x 7"
Image Size: 14.6 x 9.7 cm; 5 3/4" x 3 7/8"
Number of Prints in Edition: 12. Numbered: 1/12 - 12/12
Artist's Proofs: 0
Studio Proofs: 0
Number of Prints Available: 9
Price: $100.00 Canadian 


About the Image: as a Masters student I had to take a number of courses to fulfill the requirements of the program. I took a course called "Primitive and Folk Art". This course had a profound effect on my work and my thinking of what Art is, and what Art can be. I began to move away from Abstraction and into art that held a personal meaning to me as an artist.


It was through this course that I was introduced to the Great Rainbow Serpent of the Australian Aboriginal Dream Time. My fascination with Australian Aboriginal art and the Great Rainbow Serpent was the inspiration for this and other pieces. I was intrigued by the Aboriginal belief that a serpent represents one of the great and powerful forces of nature and spirit, and that the serpent, being connected to water, is the great life giver, and protector of water, which is his spiritual home. I found the concept fascinating: here was a belief that was in sharp contrast to how snakes and serpents are viewed in Western cultures.

Egyptian Stars

  • This is an original work of art created within the printmaking medium of ETCHING.

    Method: Once I am satisfied with the image, I print the edition using either black etching ink or a combination of coloured etching ink and modified litho ink. The paper is pre-soaked in water for two hours, blotted to remove the excess water and sealed in a plastic bag. It is left overnight to allow the water to "equalize". The paper feels only slightly moist when I am printing the edition. I print all my own work using either a direct pressure lithographic press or an etching press. My Editions are small with 2 to 10 prints per Edition.

    Double Plate Printing: The plate for this image has been printed twice. The first print run was done in a Dark Yellow litho ink. The plate was then inked and wiped a second time in a  Thalo Blue etching ink. The paper carrying the first colour (yellow) was re-registered to the  (blue) plate and run through the etching press a second time. The resulting subtle variations in the "mixing" of the two colours gives the image a gentle sense of depth.

    Printmaking is generally a time-consuming process, but each printmaking medium has unique visual characteristics that are not found in any other medium. I find this to be the most interesting and exciting aspect of creating original works of art in printmaking.

    Purchase includes a copy of the Canadian Print Documentation Form filled out by me while creating this work of art. This form documents the number of runs, colours, and procedures that I used when creating this image.

    Canadian Print Documentation Form

    Purchase of any of my Original Prints includes a copy of the Canadian Print Documentation Form. This form is endorsed and supported by the Canada Council Art Bank, Canadian Museum Association, Malaspina Printmaker’s Society, Ontario Association of Art Galleries, Open Studio and Professional Art Dealers Association of Canada. It documents the number of runs, colours, and procedures that I used when creating a particular image. It is proof that the work is an Original work of art as opposed to an “Off-Set Reproduction”, "Poster" or “Fine Art Print” of a pre-existing work of art created in a different medium, such as painting or drawing.

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