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All my original prints are concieved of and created within a particular printmaking process such as Lithography (either stone and/or ball-grained aluminium plates), Intaglio, Silk Screen, Relief Printmaking, or a combination of these four processes. Some editions also contain handwork Prisma colour conte sticks and/or water colour), and collage elements.


Hand printed Linocut Relief Print; Aluminium Plate Waterless Lithography; Collage
Paper: Black Arches 100% archival cotton rag paper; Japanese Arasi mixed Green Japanese paper (central area) mounted to support paper with archival water based glue
Paper Size: 25.1 x 28.1 cm; 10" x 11"
Image Size: 25.1 x 28.1 cm; 10" x 11"
Number of Prints in Edition: 10. Numbered: 1/10 - 10/10
Artists Proofs: 0
Studio Proofs: 0
Number of Prints Available: 4
Price: $300.00 Canadian 


  • This is an original work of art created within the printmaking medium of Relief Printing (Linocut), Aluminum Plate Waterless Lithography and Collage

    Method: I print all my own work using either a direct pressure lithographic press or an etching press. My Editions are very small with 2 to 10 prints per Edition. The majority of my lithographs are multiple colour images. They can have up to 25 colours and/or colour blends per image. Each aspect of the image requires a separate drawing. This is done on either a silky smooth, perfectly level lithographic stone (limestone), or an aluminium plate. I draw directly on the stone or plate using a range of grease based Lithographic Crayons (#5 - #1). I often incorporate either water or solvent washes made from tusche paste to create certain "wash" effects. Once the drawing is complete and the washes are fully dried (overnight), the image is "etched" and allowed to sit overnight a second time. Before printing can occur, the drawing materials need to be replaced with lithographic ink, and a "second etch" is applied. The image is then proofed in black before moving into colour. Each colour is mixed and printed by hand,  and each colour requires a separate printing.  Colour blends are a convenient way to print multiple colours during a single printing. They also impart interesting colour effects to the image. In many instances I destroy the image as I create it because I use a Reduction Process in order to remove parts of the image before I print the next colour.

    Printmaking is generally a time consuming process but each printmaking medium has unique visual characteristics that are not found in any other medium. I've always found this to be the most interesting and exciting aspect of creating original works of art in printmaking.

    Purchase includes a copy of the Canadian Print Documentation Form filled out by me while creating this particular work of art. This form documents the number of runs, colours and procedures that I used when creating this particular image.

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