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100% Merino Wool Handwoven Scarf/Shawl.

24" x 80" -  60 x 203 cm.

Eco-dyed in New Zealand using various eucalyptus leaves and other plants; Pre-soaked in clear water then steamed.


  • Dry Cleaning: the general practice is to have wool items dry cleaned. I generally do not recommend dry cleaning because the chemicals used in the process could shift and/or fade the colours of Eco-dyed items. If you do decide to dry clean Eco-dyed items, please consult your dry cleaner. It may be possible for them to use a weaker solution for cleaning the item.

    Hand Washing: You can hand wash wool items, but you need to be careful not to agitate it otherwise the wool will become felted.

    Use a large enough sink to hold your item, add lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent, or baby shampoo. You can purchase detergents specially designed for protein (silk, wool) fibres. Use just enough detergent to lightly cover the surface with suds. Once the detergent is completely dissolved, add the item. Gently squeeze the sudsy water through the item, then let it sit for several minutes. Do not agitate, twist, or wring the item! Leave the item in the sink while you drain the water. Gently squeeze out the excess water while the water drains, then lift the item out of the sink. Fill the sink with lukewarm water (the same temperature as your washing water) and squeeze out the soap residue. Continue this step until the rinse water runs clear.

    Drying: lay the item on a clean, dry white towel, reshaping it if and where necessary. Roll the item up in the towel, gently squeeze out any excess water as you go. Repeat if necessary. Light weight items can be hung to dry while heavier items should be dried flat. Dry the item on a surface that cannot be damaged by water. If you have to dry the item on a wooden table, make sure you place a piece of protective plastic down first. Lay the wool item on a clean, dry white towel on top of the plastic sheet. You may need to change the towel a few times as the item dries. You can also use a drying wrack but make sure the item is fully supported so that it does not stretch out of shape. Dry away from direct sunlight.

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